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Phenotype Genotyping Line
Catalog ID
AB - - - - wild-type ZL1 embryos, adults
AB/TU TAB-14 (AB/TU TAB-14) - - - - wild-type ZL1438 embryos, adults
SAT - - - - wild-type ZL1941 embryos, adults
TU - - - - wild-type ZL57 embryos, adults
SJD (SJD) - - - - wild-type ZL619 embryos
SJA - - - - wild-type ZL645 embryos
WIK - - - - wild-type ZL84 embryos, adults
TL - - - - wild-type ZL86 embryos, adults
clock3sa1868 sa1868 clockb [Clock1b, clock3] whole organism  - Point Mutation ZL9307 frozen
emc3a1/+ (AB) a1 emc3 [loc55831, pob, wu:fi32f05, wu:fj63h08, zgc:63727] eye, sensory system  - Unknown ZL1681 frozen
dlata13/+ (AB) a13 dlat [fc86g11, fj57d06, no optokinetic nystagmus a, no optokinetic response b, noa, nrb, wu:fc14f10, wu:fc21f08, wu:fc86g11, wu:fj57d06] eye, musculoskeletal movement  (all 4) Point Mutation ZL578 frozen
synj1a14/+ (WIK/AB) a14 [nrc] synj1 [fb02f11, fi15a11, no optokinetic response c, nrc, wu:fb02f11, wu:fi15a11] eye, nervous system  (all 4) - Point Mutation ZL1682 frozen
cada52/+ (AB) a52 cad [cb456, si:dkey-221h15.3, wu:fc30c12, wu:fc33d01, wu:fc67g02] eye  - Point Mutation ZL1690 frozen
smarca4aa8 a8 smarca4a [brahma-related gene 1, brg1, smarca2, smarca4, yng, young] blood circulation, cell proliferation  (all 24) - Point Mutation ZL2147 frozen
roya9/+ (AB) a9 [(part of) Casper fish] roy brain, branchial muscle  (all 39) - Unknown ZL1675 frozen
roya9; mitfaw2 a9 [(part of) Casper fish]
w2 [(part of) Casper fish]
roy [casper]mitfa [Mitf-related gene, Mitf2, nac, nacre, z3A.1, casper] brain, brain  (all 61) - Unknown
Point Mutation
ZL1714 embryos, adults
slc24a5b1/+ (AB) b1 slc24a5 [gol, gol-1, golden, golden-1] eye, eye pigmentation  (all 7) Point Mutation ZL62 frozen
tbx16b104/+ (AB) b104 [b104rl, Df(LG08), Df(LG08)b104, Df(LG08)tbx16] tbx16 [cb103, id:ibd2185, spadetail, spt, spt-1, wu:fa17g07, ZF-SPT, zgc:109817] cell migration involved in somitogenic axis elongation, determination of left/right symmetry  (all 21) - Indel ZL43 frozen
chrna1b107/+ (AB) b107 chrna1 [AChR alpha 1, nic, nic-1, nic1, nicotinic receptor, zgc:86593] axon guidance, behavior  (all 17) Small Deletion ZL72 frozen
mef2cab1086/+ (AB) b1086 mef2ca [hoo, hoover, id:ibd5026, mef2c, wu:fc05b06, zgc:64184, zgc:85726] branchiostegal ray 3, cardiac muscle cell  (all 12) Point Mutation ZL1212 frozen
b1193Tg/+ (AB) b1193Tg [Tg(hsp70:fgf8)b1193, Tg(hsp70l:fgf8)b1193] - otic vesicle  - Transgenic Insertion ZL1676 frozen
b1200Tg/+ (AB/TL) b1200Tg [Tg(emx3:YFP)b1200] - - - Transgenic Insertion ZL1780 frozen
b1201Tg/+ (AB/TL) b1201Tg [Tg(emx3:YFPm)b1201] - - - Transgenic Insertion ZL1781 frozen
b1202Tg/+ (AB/TL) b1202Tg [Tg(hsp70l:emx3-myc-GFP)b1202] - dorsal telencephalon, telencephalon  - Transgenic Insertion ZL1782 frozen
b1204Tg/+ (AB) b1204Tg [Tg(lhx5:Kaede)b1204] - anterior commissure, anterior commissure morphogenesis  (all 4) - Transgenic Insertion ZL1999 frozen
b1205Tg/+ (AB) b1205Tg [Tg(lhx5:GFP)b1205] - - - Transgenic Insertion ZL2000 frozen
b1212Tg/+ (AB) b1212Tg [Tg(sp7:EGFP)b1212] - cranium, intramembranous ossification  (all 6) - Transgenic Insertion ZL1967 embryos, adults
ednrb1ab140/+ (AB) b140 ednrb1a [ednrb1, ros, rose, rse] iridophore, melanocyte  (all 5) - Unknown ZL80 frozen
ednrb1ab140; mitfab692 b140
ednrb1a [ednrb1, ros, rose, rse, absolute]mitfa [Mitf-related gene, Mitf2, nac, nacre, z3A.1, absolute] iridophore, iridophore  (all 9) Unknown
Point Mutation
ZL1689 embryos, adults
chnb146/+ (AB) b146 chn [chw] basal plate cartilage, basibranchial  (all 18) - Unknown ZL71 frozen
ndr2Df(Chr12:hhex)b16/+ (AB) b16 ndr2 [cyc, cyc-1, cyclops, Ndr-2, Znr-1, znr1] brain, diencephalon  (all 29) - Deficiency ZL22 frozen
b165Tg/+ (AB) b165Tg [b165, Tg(Hsp70-1:lacz), Tg(Hsp70-1:lacz)b165] - - - Transgenic Insertion ZL63 frozen
ntlab195/+ (AB) b195 ntla [brachyury, cb240, id:ibd5074, ntl, T, wu:fc80a01, ZF-NTL, ZF-T, zft] convergent extension involved in axis elongation, extension  (all 9) - Insertion ZL42 frozen
T(Chr03:eve1,hoxb5a,pyy,rarab,thra)b245/+ (AB) b245 [T(hoxb), T(LG03:eve1,hoxb5a,pyy,rarab,thra), T(LG03:eve1,hoxb5a,pyy,rarab,thra)b245] elavl3 [elav-related C, elrc, elrC, etID309927.3, HuC, huc, id:ibd1248, wu:fb77b03, zHuC] blood circulation, blood island  (all 4) - Translocation ZL60 frozen
slc25a37b333/+ (AB) b333 [Df(LG08:tbx16), Df(LG08:tbx16)b333] slc25a37 [fc73c03, frascati, frs, mfrn, mfrn1, mitoferrin, wu:fc73c03] erythroid lineage cell, primitive erythrocyte differentiation  - Small Deletion ZL1364 frozen
mafbab337/+ (AB) b337 mafba [kr, kreisler, krml, MafB, mafb, val, valentino, wu:fc22d11, wu:fj82a09] abducens motor nucleus, embryonic pattern specification  (all 18) Point Mutation ZL70 frozen
disp1b392/+ (AB) b392 disp1 [chameleon, con, helix, hlx, zgc:111866] notochord, post-vent region  (all 3) - Unknown ZL441 frozen
slc45a2b4/+ (AB) b4 [(part of) Sheer fish] slc45a2 [aim1, alb, albino, B gene, im:7138762, oca4, albino] angiogenesis, angiogenic sprout  (all 26) - Insertion ZL85 embryos, adults
epb41l5b476/+ (AB) b476 [moe] epb41l5 [moe, mosaic eyes, si:dz104f18.2, si:dz104f18.3, si:dz37o5.2] eye, sensory system  - Small Deletion ZL1703 frozen
unm_b480b480/+ (AB) b480 unm_b480 [unm b480] - - Unknown ZL413 frozen
kitab5/+ (AB) b5 kita [c-kit, kit, spa, spa-1, sparse, sparse] caudal fin, gut  (all 17) Point Mutation ZL75 frozen
smob577/+ (AB) b577 smo [CHUNP6862, slow muscle omitted, smoh, smoothened, smu, wu:fb70b01, wu:fc39h03] apoptotic process, atrium  (all 16) - Point Mutation ZL51 frozen
pax2ab593/+ (AB) b593 pax2a [cb378, no isthmus, noi, Pax-2, pax-b, pax2.1, Pax2.1, pax2a1, pax[zf-b], paxb] cerebellum, midbrain  (all 4) - Unknown ZL44 frozen
mef2cab631/+ (AB) b631 mef2ca [hoo, hoover, id:ibd5026, mef2c, wu:fc05b06, zgc:64184, zgc:85726] branchiostegal ray, ceratohyal-branchiostegal ray joint  Unknown ZL1485 frozen
smob641/+ (AB) b641 smo [CHUNP6862, slow muscle omitted, smoh, smoothened, smu, wu:fb70b01, wu:fc39h03] anterior macula, axon guidance  (all 49) Point Mutation ZL52 frozen
mitfab692/+ (AB) b692 mitfa [Mitf-related gene, Mitf2, nac, nacre, z3A.1] iridophore, melanocyte  (all 4) Point Mutation ZL49 embryos, adults
lhx2bb700/+ (AB) b700 lhx2b [bel, belladonna, lhx2, zgc:152707] whole organism  Small Deletion ZL862 frozen
kat6ab719/+ (AB) b719 kat6a [bmd, monocytic leukemia zinc finger, moz, myst3] ceratobranchial 1 cartilage, ceratohyal cartilage  (all 8) Point Mutation ZL1207 frozen
trcb864/+ (AB) b864 trc - - Unknown ZL40 frozen
itga5b926/+ (AB) b926 itga5 [before eight, bfe, sb:cb665, wu:fe02h07] pharyngeal arch 2 skeleton, splanchnocranium  (all 3) Point Mutation ZL1208 frozen
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