Update August 21, 2014:
As a result of a quarantine room fire on May 31, ZIRC services continue to be disrupted and we are unable to supply resources at this time. Pathology and Health Services remain avai lable.

The soot and ash damage to the ZIRC building was quite extensive, requiring several more months for clean-up, demolition and reconstruction. We currently estimate resuming book and fish distribution in the Fall. We plan to ship existing fish orders first to ensure that our infrastructure is well re-established before taking new requests. Our ongoing health and breeding tests suggest that the main fish colony appears to be unharmed. The cryopreservation storage was unaffected by the incident. Please continue to monitor our website for updates.

We sincerely apologize for any disruption this situation may cause to your research. If you have an order pending at ZIRC, we will be in contact with you as soon as we are able to resume shipments. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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Phenotype Genotyping Line
Catalog ID
AB - - - - wild-type ZL1 embryos, adults
AB/TU TAB-14 (AB/TU TAB-14) - - - - wild-type ZL1438 embryos, adults
SAT - - - - wild-type ZL1941 embryos, adults
TU - - - - wild-type ZL57 embryos
SJD (SJD) - - - - wild-type ZL619 embryos
SJA - - - - wild-type ZL645 embryos
WIK - - - - wild-type ZL84 embryos, adults
TL - - - - wild-type ZL86 embryos, adults
clock3sa1868 sa1868 clockb [Clock1b, clock3] whole organism  - Point Mutation ZL9307 frozen
emc3a1/+ (AB) a1 emc3 [loc55831, pob, wu:fi32f05, wu:fj63h08, zgc:63727] eye, sensory system  - Unknown ZL1681 frozen
dlata13/+ (AB) a13 dlat [fc86g11, fj57d06, no optokinetic nystagmus a, no optokinetic response b, noa, nrb, wu:fc14f10, wu:fc21f08, wu:fc86g11, wu:fj57d06] eye, musculoskeletal movement  (all 4) Point Mutation ZL578 frozen
synj1a14/+ (WIK/AB) a14 [nrc] synj1 [fb02f11, fi15a11, no optokinetic response c, nrc, slacker, slak, wu:fb02f11, wu:fi15a11] eye, nervous system  (all 4) - Point Mutation ZL1682 frozen
cada52/+ (AB) a52 cad [cb456, si:dkey-221h15.3, wu:fc30c12, wu:fc33d01, wu:fc67g02] eye  - Point Mutation ZL1690 frozen
smarca4aa8 a8 smarca4a [brahma-related gene 1, brg1, smarca2, smarca4, yng, young] blood circulation, cell proliferation  (all 24) - Point Mutation ZL2147 frozen
roya9/+ (AB) a9 [(part of) Casper fish] roy brain, branchial muscle  (all 41) - Unknown ZL1675 frozen
roya9; mitfaw2 a9 [(part of) Casper fish]
w2 [(part of) Casper fish]
roy [casper]mitfa [Mitf-related gene, Mitf2, nac, nacre, z3A.1, casper] brain, brain  (all 66) - Unknown
Point Mutation
ZL1714 embryos, adults
roya9; gnat2w21 (AB) a9 [(part of) Casper fish]
w21 [nof]
roygnat2 [Galpha t2, GNAT3, no optokinetic response f, nof, T alpha C, Tc alpha, transducin alpha (cone)] brain, branchial muscle  (all 45) - Unknown
Point Mutation
ZL10382 frozen
slc24a5b1/+ (AB) b1 slc24a5 [gol, gol-1, golden, golden-1] eye, eye pigmentation  (all 7) Point Mutation ZL62 frozen
tbx16b104/+ (AB) b104 [b104rl, Df(LG08), Df(LG08)b104, Df(LG08)tbx16] tbx16 [cb103, id:ibd2185, spadetail, spt, spt-1, wu:fa17g07, ZF-SPT, zgc:109817] cell, cell migration involved in somitogenic axis elongation  (all 24) - Indel ZL43 frozen
chrna1b107/+ (AB) b107 chrna1 [AChR alpha 1, nic, nic-1, nic1, nicotinic receptor, zgc:86593] axon guidance, behavior  (all 17) Small Deletion ZL72 frozen
mef2cab1086/+ (AB) b1086 mef2ca [hoo, hoover, id:ibd5026, mef2c, wu:fc05b06, zgc:64184, zgc:85726] branchiostegal ray 3, cardiac muscle cell  (all 12) Point Mutation ZL1212 frozen
b1193Tg/+ (AB) b1193Tg [Tg(hsp70:fgf8)b1193, Tg(hsp70l:fgf8)b1193] - Tg(hsp70l:fgf8a) otic vesicle  - Transgenic Insertion ZL1676 frozen
b1200Tg/+ (AB/TL) b1200Tg [Tg(emx3:YFP)b1200] - Tg(emx3:YFP) - - Transgenic Insertion ZL1780 frozen
b1201Tg/+ (AB/TL) b1201Tg [Tg(emx3:YFPm)b1201] - Tg(emx3:YFPm) - - Transgenic Insertion ZL1781 frozen
b1202Tg/+ (AB/TL) b1202Tg [Tg(hsp70l:emx3-myc-GFP)b1202] - Tg(hsp70l:emx3-MYC-GFP) dorsal telencephalon, telencephalon  - Transgenic Insertion ZL1782 frozen
b1204Tg/+ (AB) b1204Tg [Tg(lhx5:Kaede)b1204] - TgBAC(lhx5:Kaede) anterior commissure, anterior commissure morphogenesis  (all 4) - Transgenic Insertion ZL1999 frozen
b1205Tg/+ (AB) b1205Tg [Tg(lhx5:GFP)b1205] - Tg(lhx5:GFP) - - Transgenic Insertion ZL2000 frozen
b1212Tg/+ (AB) b1212Tg [Tg(sp7:EGFP)b1212] - Tg(sp7:EGFP) cranium, intramembranous ossification  (all 6) - Transgenic Insertion ZL1967 frozen
ednrbab140/+ (AB) b140 ednrba [ednrb1, ednrb1a, ros, rose, rse] iridophore, melanocyte  (all 5) - Unknown ZL80 frozen
ednrb1ab140; mitfab692 b140
ednrba [ednrb1, ednrb1a, ros, rose, rse, absolute]mitfa [Mitf-related gene, Mitf2, nac, nacre, z3A.1, absolute] iridophore, iridophore  (all 9) Unknown
Point Mutation
ZL1689 embryos, adults
chnb146/+ (AB) b146 chn [chw] basal plate cartilage, basibranchial  (all 18) - Unknown ZL71 frozen
ndr2Df(Chr12:hhex)b16/+ (AB) b16 ndr2 [cyc, cyc-1, cyclops, Ndr-2, Znr-1, znr1] axial mesoderm development, brain  (all 31) - Deficiency ZL22 frozen
b165Tg/+ (AB) b165Tg [b165, Tg(Hsp70-1:lacz), Tg(Hsp70-1:lacz)b165] - Tg(Hsp70-1:lacz) - - Transgenic Insertion ZL63 frozen
tab195/+ (AB) b195 ta [brachyury, cb240, id:ibd5074, no tail a, ntl, ntla, T, wu:fc80a01, ZF-NTL, ZF-T, zft] convergent extension involved in axis elongation, extension  (all 12) - Insertion ZL42 frozen
T(Chr03:eve1,hoxb5a,pyy,rarab,thra)b245/+ (AB) b245 [T(hoxb), T(LG03:eve1,hoxb5a,pyy,rarab,thra), T(LG03:eve1,hoxb5a,pyy,rarab,thra)b245] elavl3 [elav-related C, elrc, elrC, etID309927.3, HuC, huc, id:ibd1248, wu:fb77b03, zHuC] blood circulation, blood island  (all 4) - Translocation ZL60 frozen
slc25a37b333/+ (AB) b333 [Df(LG08:tbx16), Df(LG08:tbx16)b333] slc25a37 [fc73c03, frascati, frs, mfrn, mfrn1, mitoferrin, wu:fc73c03] erythroid lineage cell, primitive erythrocyte differentiation  - Small Deletion ZL1364 frozen
mafbab337/+ (AB) b337 mafba [kr, kreisler, krml, MafB, mafb, val, valentino, wu:fc22d11, wu:fj82a09] abducens motor nucleus, embryonic pattern specification  (all 18) Point Mutation ZL70 frozen
disp1b392/+ (AB) b392 disp1 [chameleon, con, helix, hlx, zgc:111866] notochord, post-vent region  (all 3) - Unknown ZL441 frozen
slc45a2b4/+ (AB) b4 [(part of) Sheer fish] slc45a2 [aim1, alb, albino, B gene, im:7138762, oca4, albino] angiogenesis, angiogenic sprout  (all 26) - Insertion ZL85 embryos
epb41l5b476/+ (AB) b476 [moe] epb41l5 [moe, mosaic eyes, si:dz104f18.2, si:dz104f18.3, si:dz37o5.2] eye, sensory system  - Small Deletion ZL1703 frozen
unm_b480b480/+ (AB) b480 unm_b480 [unm b480] - - Unknown ZL413 frozen
kitab5/+ (AB) b5 kita [c-kit, kit, spa, spa-1, sparse, sparse] caudal fin, gut  (all 17) Point Mutation ZL75 frozen
smob577/+ (AB) b577 smo [CHUNP6862, slow muscle omitted, smoh, smoothened, smu, wu:fb70b01, wu:fc39h03] apoptotic process, atrium  (all 22) - Point Mutation ZL51 frozen
pax2ab593/+ (AB) b593 pax2a [cb378, no isthmus, noi, Pax-2, pax-b, pax2.1, Pax2.1, pax2a1, pax[zf-b], paxb] cerebellum, midbrain  (all 4) - Unknown ZL44 frozen
mef2cab631/+ (AB) b631 mef2ca [hoo, hoover, id:ibd5026, mef2c, wu:fc05b06, zgc:64184, zgc:85726] branchiostegal ray, ceratohyal-branchiostegal ray joint  Unknown ZL1485 frozen
smob641/+ (AB) b641 smo [CHUNP6862, slow muscle omitted, smoh, smoothened, smu, wu:fb70b01, wu:fc39h03] adenohypophyseal placode, anterior commissure  (all 68) Point Mutation ZL52 frozen
mitfab692/+ (AB) b692 mitfa [Mitf-related gene, Mitf2, nac, nacre, z3A.1] iridophore, melanocyte  (all 4) Point Mutation ZL49 embryos, adults
lhx2bb700/+ (AB) b700 lhx2b [bel, belladonna, lhx2, zgc:152707] whole organism  Small Deletion ZL862 frozen
kat6ab719/+ (AB) b719 kat6a [bmd, monocytic leukemia zinc finger, moz, myst3] ceratobranchial 1 cartilage, ceratohyal cartilage  (all 8) Point Mutation ZL1207 frozen
trcb864/+ (AB) b864 trc - - Unknown ZL40 frozen
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