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Catalog ID
AB - - - - wild-type ZL1 embryos, adults
NHGRI-1 - - - - wild-type ZL12751 embryos, adults
CB - - - - wild-type ZL13788 embryos, adults
SAT - - - - wild-type ZL1941 embryos, adults
TU - - - - wild-type ZL57 embryos, adults
WIK - - - - wild-type ZL84 embryos, adults
TL - - - - wild-type ZL86 embryos, adults
NA - - - - wild-type ZL91 embryos, adults
roya9; mitfaw2 a9 [(part of) Casper fish, (part of) Crystal fish]
w2 [(part of) Casper fish, (part of) Crystal fish]
mpv17 [roy, tra, transparent, zgc:63573, casper]mitfa [Mitf2, Mitf-related gene, nac, nacre, z3A.1, casper] aerobic respiration, caudal fin  (all 31) - Small Deletion
Point Mutation
ZL1714 embryos, adults
ednrb1ab140; mitfab692 b140
ednrba [ednrb1, ednrb1a, ros, rose, rse, absolute]mitfa [Mitf2, Mitf-related gene, nac, nacre, z3A.1, absolute] anal fin, caudal fin  (all 29) Unknown
Point Mutation
ZL1689 embryos, adults
slc45a2b4/+ (AB) b4 [(part of) Crystal fish, (part of) Sheer fish] slc45a2 [aim1, alb, albino, B gene, im:7138762, oca4, albino] cellular pigmentation, eye  (all 16) - Insertion ZL85 embryos, adults
mitfab692/+ (AB) b692 mitfa [Mitf2, Mitf-related gene, nac, nacre, z3A.1] caudal fin, developmental pigmentation  (all 17) Point Mutation ZL49 embryos, adults
-gl22Tg gl22Tg [Tg(mpeg1:EGFP)gl22] - Tg(mpeg1:EGFP) - - Transgenic Insertion ZL9940 embryos, adults
-gl23Tg gl23Tg [Tg(mpeg1:mCherry)gl23] - Tg(mpeg1:mCherry) - - Transgenic Insertion ZL9939 embryos, adults
kca2Tg/+ (AB) kca2Tg [kca1, kca2, Tg(-6dld:Gal4)kca2, Tg(dld:Gal4)6, Tg(dld:Gal4)6kca2] - Tg(dld:GAL4) - - Transgenic Insertion ZL402 embryos, adults
-kca66Tg; -kca6Tg kca66Tg [kca66, Tg(h2afva:GFP)kca66, Tg(h2afv:GFP)kca66, Tg(h2afz:GFP), Tg(h2afz:GFP)kca66]
kca6Tg [H2B-GFP, kca37, kca6, Tg(h2afva:GFP)kca6, Tg(h2afv:GFP)kca6, Tg(h2afz:GFP), Tg(h2afz:GFP)kca6]

Tg(h2az2a:h2az2a-GFP) - - Transgenic Insertion
Transgenic Insertion
ZL1087 embryos, adults
-uwm4Tg uwm4Tg [Tg(-8mpx:Dendra2)uwm4] - Tg(mpx:Dendra2) - - Transgenic Insertion ZL6217 embryos, adults
y1Tg/+ (AB) y1Tg [Tg(fli1:EGFP), Tg(fli1:EGFP)y1, y1] - Tg(fli1:EGFP) - - Transgenic Insertion ZL1085 embryos, adults
(disclaimer) la010000Tg rnf40 - - Transgenic Insertion ZL4590.01 frozen
(disclaimer) la010001Tg unm - - Transgenic Insertion ZL4655.01 frozen
(disclaimer) la010002Tg unm - - Transgenic Insertion ZL4655.02 frozen
(disclaimer) la010006Tg unm - - Transgenic Insertion ZL4582.01 frozen
(disclaimer) la010007Tg mllt10 - - Transgenic Insertion ZL4655.03 frozen
(disclaimer) la010011Tg unm - - Transgenic Insertion ZL4923.01 frozen
(disclaimer) la010012Tg unm - - Transgenic Insertion ZL6131.01 frozen *
(disclaimer) la010014Tg lnx2b - - Transgenic Insertion ZL6131.02 frozen *
(disclaimer) la010015Tg si:dkey-195m1.4 - - Transgenic Insertion ZL4934.01 frozen
(disclaimer) la010016Tg unm - - Transgenic Insertion ZL4529.01 frozen
(disclaimer) la010017Tg unm - - Transgenic Insertion ZL4592.03 frozen
(disclaimer) la010018Tg unm - - Transgenic Insertion ZL4592.04 frozen
(disclaimer) la010020Tg unm - - Transgenic Insertion ZL4338.01 frozen
(disclaimer) la010022Tg unm - - Transgenic Insertion ZL4075.01 frozen
(disclaimer) la010024Tg unm - - Transgenic Insertion ZL4659.01 frozen
(disclaimer) la010025Tg f10 - - Transgenic Insertion ZL4721.01 frozen
(disclaimer) la010026Tg unm - - Transgenic Insertion ZL4721.02 frozen
(disclaimer) la010027Tg lima1a - - Transgenic Insertion ZL4924.01 frozen
(disclaimer) la010029Tg unm - - Transgenic Insertion ZL4924.02 frozen
(disclaimer) la010030Tg unm - - Transgenic Insertion ZL4660.01 frozen
(disclaimer) la010031Tg rpn2 - - Transgenic Insertion ZL4661.01 frozen
(disclaimer) la010032Tg unm - - Transgenic Insertion ZL4661.02 frozen
(disclaimer) la010033Tg c2cd2l - - Transgenic Insertion ZL4667.02 frozen
(disclaimer) la010034Tg exoc6 - - Transgenic Insertion ZL4593.01 frozen
(disclaimer) la010036Tg unm - - Transgenic Insertion ZL4662.01 frozen
(disclaimer) la010039Tg unm - - Transgenic Insertion ZL4593.02 frozen
(disclaimer) la010040Tg gsap - - Transgenic Insertion ZL4593.03 frozen
(disclaimer) la010041Tg unm - - Transgenic Insertion ZL4593.04 frozen
(disclaimer) la010042Tg unm - - Transgenic Insertion ZL4593.05 frozen
(disclaimer) la010043Tg unm - - Transgenic Insertion ZL4593.06 frozen
(disclaimer) la010044Tg unm - - Transgenic Insertion ZL4525.01 frozen
(disclaimer) la010045Tg nutf2l - - Transgenic Insertion ZL4711.01 frozen
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