Update November 5, 2014:
As a result of a quarantine room fire on May 31st, ZIRC services continue to be disrupted and we are unable to supply fish from frozen sperm, cDNAs and book resources at this time. The following services and resources are currently available:

The soot and ash damage to the ZIRC building was quite extensive, requiring several months for cleanup and demolition. We are now entering the reconstruction phase, which will take a few additional months. We estimate taking new orders for books and lines from frozen sperm in early winter. We are currently contacting customers to arrange shipment of all outstanding orders. If you haven't heard from us yet then please expect to hear from us soon.

Our ongoing health and breeding tests suggest that the main fish colony appears to be unharmed and the cryopreservation storage was unaffected by the incident.

We sincerely apologize for any disruption this situation may cause to your research. Please continue to monitor our website for updates and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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Phenotype Genotyping Line
Catalog ID
AB - - - - wild-type ZL1 embryos, adults
AB/TU TAB-14 (AB/TU TAB-14) - - - - wild-type ZL1438 embryos, adults
SAT - - - - wild-type ZL1941 embryos, adults
WIK - - - - wild-type ZL84 embryos, adults
TL - - - - wild-type ZL86 embryos, adults
TU - - - - wild-type ZL57 embryos
SJD (SJD) - - - - wild-type ZL619 embryos
SJA - - - - wild-type ZL645 embryos
roya9; mitfaw2 a9 [(part of) Casper fish]
w2 [(part of) Casper fish]
roy [casper]mitfa [Mitf2, Mitf-related gene, nac, nacre, z3A.1, casper] brain, brain  (all 66) - Unknown
Point Mutation
ZL1714 embryos, adults
ednrb1ab140; mitfab692 b140
ednrba [ednrb1, ednrb1a, ros, rose, rse, absolute]mitfa [Mitf2, Mitf-related gene, nac, nacre, z3A.1, absolute] iridophore, iridophore  (all 9) Unknown
Point Mutation
ZL1689 embryos, adults
slc45a2b4/+ (AB) b4 [(part of) Sheer fish] slc45a2 [aim1, alb, albino, B gene, im:7138762, oca4, albino] angiogenesis, angiogenic sprout  (all 26) - Insertion ZL85 embryos, adults
mitfab692/+ (AB) b692 mitfa [Mitf2, Mitf-related gene, nac, nacre, z3A.1] iridophore, melanocyte  (all 4) Point Mutation ZL49 embryos, adults
-ca7Tg ca7Tg [Tg(acta2:EGFP)ca7, Tg(SMA:EGFP)] - Tg(acta2:EGFP) pharyngeal vasculature, ventral aorta  - Transgenic Insertion ZL9948 embryos, adults
cz2Tg/+ (AB) cz2Tg [cz2, Tg(lck:lck-GFP), Tg(lck:lck-GFP)cz2] - Tg(lck:lck-EGFP) T cell differentiation, thymus  - Transgenic Insertion ZL1060 embryos, adults
nhsafh298 (AB) fh298 nhsa - - Point Mutation ZL10392 embryos, adults
nlgn2afh311 fh311 nlgn2a [nlgn2b, nlgn2bl] - - Point Mutation ZL2065 embryos, adults
hm1Tg/+ (AB) hm1Tg [EMTB-3GFP, Tg(bactin2:Hsa.MAP7-EGFP)hm1, Tg(bactin2:HsENSCONSIN17-282-3xEGFP)hm1] - Tg(actb2:Hsa.MAP7-EGFP) - - Transgenic Insertion ZL2159 embryos, adults
kca33Tg/+ (AB) kca33Tg [kca33, Tg(UAS:GFP), Tg(UAS:GFP)kca33] - Tg(UAS:GFP) - - Transgenic Insertion ZL624 embryos, adults
-kca66Tg; -kca6Tg kca66Tg [kca66, Tg(h2afva:GFP)kca66, Tg(h2afv:GFP)kca66, Tg(h2afz:GFP), Tg(h2afz:GFP)kca66]
kca6Tg [H2B-GFP, kca37, kca6, Tg(h2afva:GFP)kca6, Tg(h2afv:GFP)kca6, Tg(h2afz:GFP), Tg(h2afz:GFP)kca6]

Tg(h2afva:h2afva-GFP) convergent extension, convergent extension  (all 21) - Transgenic Insertion
Transgenic Insertion
ZL1087 embryos, adults
mi2001Tg/+ (AB) mi2001Tg [mi2001, Tg(gfap:GFP), Tg(gfap:GFP)mi2001] - Tg(gfap:GFP) apical protein localization, brain  (all 17) - Transgenic Insertion ZL1070 embryos, adults
ml2Tg/+ (AB) ml2Tg [ml2, Tg(hlxb9:GFP), Tg(hlxb9:GFP)ml2] - Tg(mnx1:GFP) axon extension, axonogenesis  (all 21) - Transgenic Insertion ZL1163 embryos, adults
ne1939Tg/+ (AB) ne1939Tg [ne1939, Tg(her5PAC:EGFP), Tg(her5PAC:EGFP)ne1939] - Tg(her5PAC:EGFP) cell proliferation in hindbrain, cell proliferation in midbrain  - Transgenic Insertion ZL1751 embryos, adults
-pd27Tg pd27Tg [Tg(-7kdrl:DsRed2)pd27] - Tg(kdrl:DsRed2) - - Transgenic Insertion ZL4589 embryos, adults
-s356tTg s356tTg [s356t, Tg(brn3c:gap43-GFP), Tg(brn3c:gap43-GFP)s356t, Tg(Brn3c:mGFP)s356t, Tg(pou4f3:gap43-GFP)s356t] - Tg(pou4f3:GAP-GFP) afferent neuron, amacrine cell  (all 28) - Transgenic Insertion ZL2014 embryos, adults
s843Tg/+ (AB) s843Tg [s843, Tg(kdr:EGFP), Tg(kdr:EGFP)s843] - Tg(kdrl:EGFP) angiogenesis, angiogenic sprout  (all 129) - Transgenic Insertion ZL1197 embryos, adults
sd2Tg/+ (AB) sd2Tg [sd2, Tg(gata1:dsRed), Tg(gata1:dsRed)sd2] - Tg(gata1a:DsRed) angiogenesis, aortic arch  (all 80) - Transgenic Insertion ZL1264 embryos, adults
lhx2btv42z/+ (AB) tv42z [bel, belladonna, tv42, V42Z] lhx2b [bel, belladonna, lhx2, zgc:152707] dorsal thalamus, eye  (all 17) Point Mutation ZL519 embryos, adults
uwm1Tg/+ (AB) uwm1Tg [Tg(mpx:GFP)uwm1, zMPO:GFP] - Tg(mpx:GFP) neutrophil chemotaxis  - Transgenic Insertion ZL1774 embryos, adults
w25Tg/+ (AB) w25Tg [Tg(OTM:GFP)w25, Tg(TOP:GFP), Tg(TOP:GFP)w25, TOPdGFP, w25] - Tg(TOP:GFP) brain, canonical Wnt signaling pathway  (all 10) - Transgenic Insertion ZL66 embryos, adults
pde6cw59/+ (AB) w59 pde6c [eclipse, pde6 alpha prime, zgc:73085] cell proliferation, detection of light stimulus involved in visual perception  (all 16) - Point Mutation ZL1740 embryos, adults
y1Tg/+ (AB) y1Tg [Tg(fli1:EGFP), Tg(fli1:EGFP)y1, y1] - Tg(fli1a:EGFP) activation of cysteine-type endopeptidase activity involved in apoptotic process, adherens junction organization  (all 252) - Transgenic Insertion ZL1085 embryos, adults
y7Tg/+ (AB) y7Tg [Tg(fli1:nEGFP), Tg(fli1:nEGFP)y7, y7] - Tg(fli1a:nEGFP) angiogenesis, angiogenic sprout  (all 38) - Transgenic Insertion ZL1363 embryos, adults
tp53zdf1/+ (AB) zdf1 [e7, M214K] tp53 [brp53, drp53, etID22686.5, fb40d06, p53, wu:fb40d06, zgc:111919] angiogenesis, apoptotic process  (all 100) Point Mutation ZL1057 embryos, adults
-zf138Tg zf138Tg [Tg(atoh7:Gal4-VP16)zf138] - Tg(atoh7:GAL4-VP16) - - Transgenic Insertion ZL3206 embryos, adults
? lmod1sa127 sa127 lmod1 - - Point Mutation ZL10122.01 frozen
? nlgn3bsa1317 sa1317 nlgn3b - - Point Mutation ZL10204.01 frozen
? kctd16bsa1328 sa1328 kctd16b - - Point Mutation ZL10201.01 frozen
? pcsk1sa1558 sa1558 pcsk1 - - Point Mutation ZL10205.01 frozen
? tirapsa182 sa182 tirap - - Point Mutation ZL10335.01 frozen
? dmbx1asa2052 sa2052 dmbx1a - - Point Mutation ZL10334.01 frozen
? emc10sa2098 sa2098 emc10 - - Point Mutation ZL10102.01 frozen
? taok3asa2237 sa2237 taok3a - - Point Mutation ZL10240.01 frozen
? chrna7sa2371 sa2371 chrna7 - - Point Mutation ZL10244.01 frozen
? pabpc1lsa2423 sa2423 pabpc1l - - Point Mutation ZL10255.02 frozen
? fcho1sa2424 sa2424 fcho1 - - Point Mutation ZL10250.01 frozen
? trim37sa2554 sa2554 trim37 - - Point Mutation ZL10234.01 frozen
? zeb1bsa2635 sa2635 zeb1b - - Point Mutation ZL10104.01 frozen
? slc3a1sa2700 sa2700 slc3a1 - - Point Mutation ZL10318.02 frozen
? txlnasa3011 sa3011 txlna - - Point Mutation ZL10106.02 frozen
? tfip11sa3219 sa3219 tfip11 - - Point Mutation ZL10101.02 frozen
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