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 +====== Genotyping Protocols ======
 +  * ZIRC Genotyping ({{:​protocols:​genotyping:​zirc_genotyping_a_h_combined.pdf|Combined PDF A-H)}}
 +    * A. Read this First! {{:​protocols:​genotyping:​a_read_this_first_disclaimer.pdf|PDF}}
 +    * B. Overview of Genotyping Assays at ZIRC {{:​protocols:​genotyping:​b_overview_pcr_protocols_at_zirc.pdf|PDF}}
 +    * C. Designing and Handling of PCR Primers {{:​protocols:​genotyping:​c_designing_primers.pdf|PDF}}
 +    * D. PCR Sample Preparation {{:​protocols:​genotyping:​d_sample_preparation.pdf|PDF}}
 +    * E. General PCR Protocol {{:​protocols:​genotyping:​e_general_protocol.pdf|PDF}}
 +    * F. Restriction Enzyme Digestion {{:​protocols:​genotyping:​f_restriction_enzyme_digest.pdf|PDF}}
 +    * G. Gel Electrophoresis {{:​protocols:​genotyping:​g_gel_electrophoresis.pdf|PDF}}
 +    * H. Controls {{:​protocols:​genotyping:​h_controls.pdf|PDF}}
 +  * Find and download line-specific genotyping protocols by [[http://​​fish/​lineAll.php|searching ZIRC lines]]
 +    * We provide all protocols we use at ZIRC online as soon as possible. If you see a fish line that has no protocol associated with it on our pages, it means that it probably does not exist. We are unable to develop and provide specific PCR protocols upon request.
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