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zl-1 IgG1, k cytoplasm or extracellular matrix 1:10,000 lens, lens cytoplasm, solid lens vesicle  in stock
znt-1 IgM cytoplasm or extracellular matrix 1:10 brain cytoplasm, fin fold actinotrichium cytoplasm, hair cell cytoplasm, inner ear cytoplasm  (all 14) in stock
znu-2 IgG1, k - 1:50 brain, DEL, EVL, lens  (all 8) in stock
zpr-1 arr3a IgG1, k cytoplasm (?) 1:1000 ciliary marginal zone, cone retinal bipolar cell, epiphysis, green sensitive photoreceptor cell  (all 22) in stock
zpr-2 IgG1, k cytoplasm 1:5000 epiphysis cytoplasm, retinal photoreceptor layer cytoplasm, retinal pigmented epithelium, retinal pigmented epithelium cytoplasm  in stock
zpr-3 IgG1, k cytoplasm (?) 1:1000 photoreceptor cell, photoreceptor outer segment layer, photoreceptor outer segment layer retinal rod cell, retinal outer nuclear layer  (all 8) in stock
zrf-1 gfap IgG1, L cytoplasm (?) 1:10,000 - 1:25,000 astrocyte, central nervous system, dorsal telencephalon, dorsoventral diencephalic tract  (all 16) in stock
zrf-2 IgG1, k cytoplasm (?) 1:500 radial glial cell  in stock
zrf-3 IgG1, k cell surface 1:250 neural plate plasma membrane, posterior lateral line nerve plasma membrane, radial glial cell, radial glial cell plasma membrane  (all 6) in stock
zrf-4 IgG1, k cell surface 1:100 central nervous system plasma membrane, cranial nerve II plasma membrane, radial glial cell, radial glial cell plasma membrane  in stock
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About these Antibodies
    All antibodies listed on this page were generated by researchers at the Institute of Neuroscience, University of Oregon ( Liu et al., 2003, Amacher, et al., 2002, and Trevarrow et al., 1990). The antibodies were generated with BALB/c mice against adult zebrafish protein, and clones were selected based on the specific staining patterns obtained with particular clones. The hybridomas are stored at the Antibody Facility of the UO under the supervision of Dr. Mike Marusich. The Antibody Facility regenerates supernatants and provides them to the ZIRC upon request.

    Many of the antibodies are stored in a medium containing Sodium Azide. View the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Sodium Azide. All of these antibodies are stored in media containing fetal bovine serum, USA origin, that is free of pathogens according to supplier information.

    Please note that antibodies should be stored in a -80C freezer if they arrive frozen. If thawed upon arrival, please keep antibodies in the refrigerator at 4C. Repeated freezing and thawing should be avoided. Also, current batches of ZIRC antibody may have dilution rates that vary from the dilution rates found in publications.